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CIPSELA, is the Spanish equivalent for ‘dandelion’ and it is also the acronym for the name of our corporation.

In the same way that Carl Sagan used the ‘dandelion’ as a source of inspiration for knowledge and discovery in the highly popular and well respected T.V. series, Cosmos, we are also a source of inspiration for the new generation of scientists and engineers.

We are a non-profit corporation that implements innovative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs, using the "learning by doing" methodology, which is based on solid curricula bases in the areas of aviation, aeronautics, and space exploration.

We help students at different levels, from elementary school to college, to learn and improve their skills and knowledge in STEAM areas.

We are inspiring a new generation that Latin America needs to take advantage of the opportunities that the aviation and aerospace sectors present globally.

We promote high-level science and technology concepts through experiments.


Julian Arenas
David Pineda

Comite Asesor

PhD. César Ocampo
Investigador Senior NASA Johnson Space Center
Edward Tobón
Ex-Boeing - Director latino america


Mauricio Ruiz
Coordinador academico
Carlos Pineda
Administrador y comunicador
Julian Bedoya
Director Creativo
Mauricio Sanchez
Coordinador de logistica
Juan Esteban Alvarez
Director de computacion cientifica

Diseño y prototipado

Andrey Jimenez
Diseño y prototipado
Victor Marin
Diseño y prototipado
Juan David Valencia
Diseño y prototipado
Sebastian Robledo
Juan Gillermo Cano
Diseño y prototipado
Paulina Franco
Diseño Grafico


Luis Miguel Molina
Lider Instructor
Amalia Villegas
Jorge Serna
Juan Camilo Rojas
Juanita Latorre
Practicante - Saint Louis University
Daniel Martinez
Practicante - UPB