About us

CIPSELA, is the Spanish equivalent for ‘dandelion’ and it is also the acronym for the name of our corporation.

In the same way that Carl Sagan used the ‘dandelion’ as a source of inspiration for knowledge and discovery in the highly popular and well respected T.V. series, Cosmos, we are also a source of inspiration for the new generation of scientist and engineers.

Cipsela Corp

Final activity of the Aerospace Youth Courses, Rionegro, Colombia, 2019.


CIPSELA, además de ser el nombre de las semillas de la planta Diente de León, es también el acrónimo de nuestra corporación. 

“Creative and Innovative Programs for Space Education, Launch and Aviation” CIPSELA

galaxy during nighttime

De la misma manera como Carl Sagan usó esta semilla como fuente de inspiración para el conocimiento y el descubrimiento en la aclamada serie de televisión “Cosmos”, también queremos ser una fuente de inspiración para una nueva generación de científicos e ingenieros.

We are a non-profit corporation that implements innovative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs, using the "learning by doing" methodology, which is based on solid curricula bases in the areas of aviation, aeronautics, and space exploration.

With Us


We help students at different levels, from elementary school to college, to learn and improve their skills and knowledge in STEAM areas.

We are inspiring a new generation that Latin America needs to take advantage of the opportunities that the aviation and aerospace sectors present globally.

We promote high-level science and technology concepts through experiments.