Satellite tracking system

CIPSELA is currently carrying out a pilot program with a rural school in the municipality of Cocorná, Antioquia. It involves the construction and commissioning of a satellite tracker earth station, built with the DIY approach (Do-It-Yourself: Do It Yourself).

This station will be manufactured from materials that can be purchased at any "Home Depot" type store and components in 3D printing that are easily achievable with the capabilities of a school or college. It will have the ability to download images and data from satellites with open bands.

STEM applied to real needs of populations

This program, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development goals, and focused mainly on vulnerable rural areas, seeks that students, in addition to learning aerospace science and technology concepts, apply to problems of their region.

Among the possibilities that these earth stations will offer, will be the downloading of data that will allow students to identify problems and contribute to solutions such as forest care, planned agriculture, responsible mining, care of water sources, responsible management of livestock, identification of possible natural disasters, among other applications.

All this based on STEAM curricula that will contribute to student learning and the well-being of their social environment. In the near future we hope to have many of these stations in different places in Colombia and Latin America.